Home Sellers

This workshop focuses on 5 Ultimate Secrets for Home Sellers. Whether you’ve never sold a home before or you’ve done so many times, this workshop will help you. Most home sellers workshops give lots of facts and how-to’s. We include these in a resource book for you, but our main focus is 5 over-arching secrets distilled from decads of experience observing thousands of real estate sales.

When you understand these 5 secrets you will know how to be among the most successful home sellers in the country. You don’t need to cram a lot of how-to’s into your head when you have these 5 secrets under your belt.

When you know these 5 over-arching secrets, you will be ready to:

  • Sell your home for top dollar on the time line you want
  • Sell your home with a low amount of stress
  • Coordinate your time line easily, even if moving out of the area
  • Avoid pitfalls of new lending laws most sellers have no idea about

What you learn in this workshop will save you time, money and stress.

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