The process that you go through to sell a house. I learned so much from it! Kari

Clear direction on timing between moves, and the suggestion to ‘shop’ for Realtors and consulting lenders. Brody

Interesting to learn that it could save us money to move. I feel much better about a potential move. John & Joy

Home Sellers

The Home Sellers Workshop includes a large packet of resource materials that answer many specific questions. The 5 Ultimate Secrets for Home Sellers, give you power by building understanding needed for the current market.

You’ll see:

  • All of the things, beside price, you must watch like a hawk in the offer
  • How averages hide the facts you need to know
  • How to use price to your advantage
  • Why and how to “bridge” before you list
  • How to build a winning team

The Home Sellers Workshop will help your next sale be a great success.

Download your workshop today for $24.95

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