We discussed borrowing and making a plan. It was interesting to me because those are things that I feel I have not yet done. Brock

The diversity of many options used to invest. Liked the class, thanks! Brian

Very interesting class. Really like how we discussed leveraging and piggy backing. Always thought of it being more risky to do that but the way it was explained it is very strategic and smart. Maria

Secrets of Real Estate Investing

Designed for the novice to modestly experienced investor, this workshop is perfect for those who are new to investing or who own less than 10 properties. By focusing on core ideas, you can apply the knowledge you gain to any investing model.

You’ll understand how to:

  • Build a stronger and more joyful financial future
  • Find the best properties for your purpose
  • Master emotion and logic in investing
  • Use depreciation to reduce your taxes, save money and increase cash flow

Secrets of Real Estate Investing helps you understand time-tested strategies designed to build wealth and security.

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