How Money Works for You

In the US, most of use don’t get an education in personal finance during high school or college. One thing all of us have in common is the need to run our own little company called “My Finances Inc.” Wouldn’t it have been great to take courses in school that taught you about running your finances?

Since we don’t get personal financial training in school, most of us tend to:

  • Model (or rebel against) our parents, who also had no financial training
  • Follow what marketers teach us
  • Learn by trial and error
  • Accept a status quo that “works”

Even those of us who are doing pretty well tend to have under-optimized finances.

In this workshop you’ll learn financial hack no one has ever taught you. By focusing on key areas of understanding you’ll learn secrets that can help you take your personal finances to the next level. You’ll understand:

  • Cash Flow Systems with no need to budget
  • The power of your Spending System
  • Debt Portfolio Techiques rapidly pay off debt
  • Financial Communication
  • Simple Controls

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