Refinance Tracking for Life

This Service Watches the Bond Market for You Every Day and Automatically Alerts You When It Hits a Level Where You Should Consider Refinancing.

Mortgage rates are determined by the Bond Market.

Like the Stock Market, the Bond Market changes every day and mortgage rates move with it. No one can predict or control it.

They say luck is where preparedness meets opportunity.

For about a nickel a day… You’re invited to enjoy Refinance Tracking for Life.

Mortgage refinancing can save you lots of money, if the rate drops enough.

The problem is, the Bond Market moves every day.

Often by the time you hear of a refinance opportunity, the market has moved, and it is gone. There are numerous opportunities that are lost each year, because the market can move so quickly.

Catching one such fast-moving chance could save you 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars.