Refinance Tracking for Life watches your mortgage every day and instantly alerts you when the Bond Market is approaching a level where you should call the lender of your choice to evaluate refinance options.

The decision to refinance must always be made with the help of a licensed mortgage professional. Refinance Tracking for Life is a system that lets you know when to reach out to your mortgage professional. The key is to do so when the market is getting close to a likely zone for refinancing.

Refinance Tracking for Life alerts you when the bond market is approaching a good level. This is your cue to reach out to your mortgage professional. In this manner, you can strike when a great opportunity occurs. For pennies a day you can track your mortgage for life. Cancel at any time and incur no further fees. It’s easy and efficient.

Refinance Tracking for Life.


  1. Fee for service is $1.50 per month per mortgage tracked, or about 5 cents a day
  2. Or pay a nonrefundable lifetime fee of $49, through which you can track one mortgage for life! Change mortgages anytime. The fee covers one mortgage for life.

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Refinance Tracking Lifetime

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